New Limited Edition Print: Grand Canal, Venice

Venice is difficult to describe unless you have seen it with your own eyes. The town is medieval, oozing with history as you walk between the walls of the towering buildings that are built so closely together in some places that you wonder what the building conditions were like back when they were built.

Then there are the vast open spaces where the palaces and churches cast their welcome shadows over the crowd in the heat of the sun – each building as beautifully designed and crafted as the next and full of absolute treasures and antiquities throughout, inside.

It is true what they say about Venice being a romantic city. There are hoards of cafes and sweet romantic spots. The canal boats carry tourists up and down and it really is just as cliché as you think it is, but a wonderful experience all the same. The nicest thing is being surrounded by the serenity of water, with little to no pollution or sound due to the lack of vehicles other than the boat taxis and buses ferrying people from place to place.

One of the most recognisable symbols of Venice, one might argue, is the Grand Canal and the view of the neighbouring islands and most notably the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.

 Grand Canal, Venice

In this new piece, I have depicted one of my favourite views of the Basilica, the view from across the river (where you would be positioned in St. Mark’s Square, near the Doge’s Palace). I enjoy working with cityscapes, though this type of city view offers something quite different to the industrial skyline of London that I have painted more recently.

The original was painted in oil and has already found a lovely new home. However, I have decided to turn this piece into a limited edition print collection, with only 50 editions.

Each piece is a giclee print in the same size as the original – 24in x 20in - which has been exactly colour matched. The framed size adds further width and height, so bear this in mind when considering where to display this piece in your home.

 Grand Canal, Venice

You can now view the details and purchase this piece via the website, or get in touch if you wish to visit the gallery and take a look in person and choose your own bespoke framing.

Click here to view the ‘Grand Canal, Venice’ limited edition in my online shop

This image brings great memories for me and I hope that it will for you too.