New Precious Metals Limited Edition ‘Autumn Hare’ – How it happened…

Last year, a client bought an original piece from the Gallery in Salisbury named ‘Winter Hare with a golden moon’, which is from the precious metals collection. The same client recently made an appointment at the Gallery a few months ago, in order to try and find another picture to sit alongside their existing piece.

At first, it was difficult to find anything suitable. The client needed something that would sit right at home and flow well with their existing collection. Following a discussion and looking at other pieces hanging up in the gallery, an idea evolved to create a picture as part of the precious metals collection to complement his current one.

Autumn Hare artwork

An idea was born through collaboration which was quite exciting, still allowing me some freedom to create a unique piece. The only constraints were that it had to be a Hare looking in the opposite direction to the other and it needed to be framed to the same size. After some consideration on the best approach, I used a Giclee of a previous Hare and added acrylic embellishments and some 24ct gold leaf to turn it into ‘Autumn Hare’.

Creating this piece allowed my client to add the perfect piece to their collection and also gave me the inspiration to release it as a new limited edition. It was great to work collaboratively in this way and to create something that could be customised to the needs of the client. The hand embellishments allow for each edition to have its own personal touch, despite being part of a limited-edition set.

Autumn Hare framed

The client is shown collecting the picture below. This is the first of a limited edition of 25 unique individual pieces. To enquire about a viewing for one of these new editions, please contact us to make an appointment at the gallery or place an order online.

Collecting the final artwork form the gallery

Martin Memory