'Old Sarum, A Sense of Place', a new exhibition by Martin memory


'Old Sarum, A Sense of Place', is a new free exhibition by Martin memory showcasing his latest collection of landscape paintings.

Sunday 13th & Monday 14th December 2020

Time: 10am to 4pm

Private view date: 12th December 2020 (By invitation)

Old Sarum is a site of some historic significance, locally and nationally. Originally a prehistoric settlement it later became a Stone Age fortification and a Roman settlement. It’s the home to Salisbury‘s first Cathedral and a royal palace to King Henry 1.

Today, for me it is a place for walks, ice cream, and somewhere to take visitors. I might describe it as a place of these things, it is how I identify with that location or site. To quote Dean and Millar (2005:12) “one might say that ‘place’ is to landscape as ‘identity’ is to portraiture, a useful (but perhaps misused) critical term that can add distinction”.

Thousands of individuals over the centuries would have had a very different sense and understanding of ‘place’ for this site. From a purely historical perspective very little is known about the early occupation of Old Sarum. One can only sit quietly on the high ridges overlooking the surrounding landscape or sit nestled amongst the overgrown earth ditches and seek some engagement. How to capture some sense of history; a place of safety, mystery, belief, home, and community. Ultimately a place of and for change, a symbol of ’nothing is forever’. This then is the challenge to attempt with tools not worthy of the cause.

As Dean and Millar (2005:25) state “surely nobody is more aware of the limitations of the visual than visual artists, just as poets are most sensitive to the inadequacies of language”. To draw beyond the literal of the site, to engender a feeling of atmosphere and history and to say ‘something of Place‘ is the ambition.

This event is FREE to attend.

Pre-orders can be made by contacting the gallery in advance - please email for details: info@memoryfineart.co.uk.

We are taking measures to help maintain good hand hygiene and social distancing, please bring your mask with you when you visit. We look forward to seeing you!

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