‘Old Sarum – A Sense of Place’ Exhibition

I want to start by thanking everyone who came to see my recent exhibition ‘Old Sarum – A Sense of Place’ and to all those that supported, even if they were unable to make it. The event was a success and our online access to socially distanced booking slots proved to be very useful and efficient, working very well for all those that attended the gallery during the weekend of the 12th & 13th December 2020.

Salisbury from Old Sarum

Salisbury from Old Sarum, Oil on Canvas.

In the previous months running up to the event, it was a worry that the show may not go ahead due to all the lockdown restrictions and changing of tiers and plans. But everything worked out and it was such a joy to see keen art lovers visiting the gallery again after what has been an extraordinary year.

The atmosphere was festive and warm, which is largely thanks to our wonderful resident musician Chris Terzoudis providing the mood music for the duration of the weekend. All visitors had pre-booked their ‘slot’ to come and view the new collection in pairs, so to help reduce the number of people in the gallery at one time and allow for social distancing, which worked very well.

Music playing in the gallery

Chris Terzoudis playing beautiful music in the gallery during the exhibition.

Throughout the weekend, many pieces of work from the new collection were sold, including two large original oil paintings and three large prints of oil pastel pieces.

One visitor also fell in love with another original pastel drawing which has been hanging in the gallery this year named ‘Response 1’, which was an unexpected bonus as it was not really part of the current collection. Many visitors also purchased some of my gift cards featuring work from the collections, which was great to see and a lovely idea for Christmas.

The new collection of original works that were shown at this exhibition can now be purchased online via the website by clicking here. You can also find limited edition, hand signed prints by clicking here. You are welcome to contact me directly to arrange a viewing prior to purchasing any pieces if you would prefer.

Response 1

A previous photo of ‘Response 1’ (the big red ball) on display in the gallery, which was sold during the recent exhibition.

Thanks again to all those that attended. We look forward to being able to welcome visitors back to the gallery in 2021, where booked appointments are available on Monday’s and evenings. Contact me via email at info@memoryfineart.co.uk to arrange a viewing. Please follow my pages on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with my latest projects and new work.

Although Christmas this year will not be happening quite as we had hoped, I wish you all the best and hope that 2021 brings you all the health and happiness possible.

Best wishes,