Original Artwork Commission, just in time for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to treat yourself to a special gift. In all the gift-buying frenzy, we often forget to reward ourselves too, for all our efforts making it through another year – whether it’s a reward for hard work, recovering from difficult times or a celebration of all the great things you have achieved.

A client approached me earlier this year to create something bespoke for a special place in their home, as a present to themselves. They wanted something that would remind them of one of their favourite places and fit into the allocated wall space that they wanted to showcase it in.

Commissions vary and come in all shapes and forms – because that is the beauty of them. When we look to acquire artwork, we often only want to own a piece if we make that vital connection with it. We look for pieces that inspire us, motivate us, remind us of that special time and/or place and that we know we will treasure every day whilst living alongside it in our homes. So having a commission made by an artist whose style you love is the perfect way to cut your searching time back and guarantee that you will end up with something you love.

Here is the result of a commission for a large Acrylic embellished Giclee with gold leaf of Albert bridge. It is of the client's favourite bridge in London which looks stunning when illuminated at night. I had great fun making this piece and have had fantastic feedback on it whilst it has been hanging in the gallery in Salisbury City centre, waiting for the client to collect just in time for Christmas.

If you are looking for that special piece to hang on the wall in your house, to make your house a home – treat yourself by browsing the collections on my site or get in touch if you would like to discuss having an original commission.

It was a Christmas present to themselves.