Winter Hare with Golden Moon Collection – Another Happy Client…

Winter Hare with Golden Moon by Martin Memory

Earlier this month, we captured this wonderful photo of some clients collecting their first piece from my collection. It is a delight to see how happy the work makes them – truly one of the best parts about being an artist and seeing my work go to a new home.

This couple had not bought from the gallery before and it was a pleasure to provide them with a piece that they could enjoy at home for years to come, from my Winter Collection.

This work is called ‘Winter Hare with Golden Moon’ and is a limited edition, hand-signed print which has also been embellished by hand with acrylic and 24k gold leaf. The gold leaf adds an extra level of depth and compliments the overall quality and finish of the image. Where some limited edition prints out there are sometimes simply just that – prints – I like to hand finish my pieces so that the collector can still acquire a personalised version of the print to enjoy, making it more special and remain a unique art work. 

 Winter Hare

I often produce short runs of limited edition prints from my favourite original works to allow more people to enjoy them and to be able to sell them at a lower cost than the original work itself. We also offer framing choices and you can book an appointment at the gallery to come and view a piece of art before purchasing. You can browse my current available work online and use the contact form to book an appointment to come and visit the gallery is Salisbury city centre.