Meet the Artist

Martin Memory Artist Salisbury

Martin Memory is an artist from Salisbury Wiltshire who specialises in painting and using mixed media, including precious metals, to create original artworks of landscapes and animals. He is also an avid art collector, amassing a large collection of artworks over the years of some of his favourite genres.

Inspired at an early age by the artists Constable and Turner, and using their paintings as reference, Martin was able to craft his own artworks in his parents garage as a child every school holiday. Nothing much has changed over the years, except the easel is now bigger and he works from a studio, rather than a garage. He is completely in love with paint, especially oil paint, stating that there is a special comfort to the material – it’s smell, the feel on the brush and on the palette. This, coupled with the challenge and adrenaline of the creative process, allows for the creation of some stunning pieces.

Martin has studied at a variety of art schools, namely Sarum studios in Salisbury, Heatherly school of Fine Art, Kingston and Chelsea College, Aston University arts department and Northampton College of Art.

Not only is Martin a talented artist, but also a keen optometrist involved in the science of light, the visual process and in helping to give others the joy of vision. It is this light, that when reflected and refracted in a particular way that inspires him to paint the places, people and the objects in his art.

Martin has exhibited his work in many shows including the Wiltshire Creative Open Exhibition, Life the Gallery and also has his own local gallery in Salisbury’s city centre.